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Winston's Revenge



It was a sunny day and Lara was having fun on the quad bike racetrack. But that was irrelevant for Winston, who was trapped in the freezer as usual. The coffee of his tray was frozen, it was SO cold that his face turned white! Ok, ok, his face is always white, but it turned whiter, happy?! He turned around and he could see something that he had never seen before… “Holy s**t! Why didn’t I explore this freezer before?” - he said -. He went through the portal and it took to Egypt!!!






Suddenly, some Lara’s enemies started coming out, but they made a deal. “I will give you Lara if you promise you give me her abilities, her possessions and turn her into my butler” - offered Winston -. “Sure” - the enemies agreed-.





They all went to the TRViewer room and started the transfer of abilities, but the enemies had betrayed Winton and they were going to kill both Lara and him, and then (somehow) destroy the world.

Now Winston should head to the Four Elements Pyramid to find an extra powered gun to stop them, the teacup launcher. Only the power of the caffeine can stop the destruction of the world, and only the power of the four elements can find it. Fortunately, the pyramid is above the TRViewer room. =).








More screenshots


Sorry, the .trmvb files won't downloable anymore until the release of Winston's Revenge level. Try to understand me, if I post them now, you'll get used to it and the level won't be that fun.